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All inquiries can be sent to our  production manager



Studio Address:

700 Main St. Suite 307

Moncton NB



-6’7”… but I’m a gentle giant who will happily get that off the top shelf for you

-within 5 minutes of meeting you I will adamantly encourage you to follow your dreams if you aren't already

-I found photography while studying to be an accountant in university

-the only two jobs I've had other than photography were scooping ice cream and working at a camera store

-I’m fortunate that photography has allowed me to travel a lot but I love coming home to my small but vibrant city


I love people & I love faces. Luckily for me those two things tend to go together.

Yeah, yeah, I know you hate having your photo taken… but that’s ok, because after a couple of minutes with me you’ll forget I’m holding a camera and you’ll leave thinking “well that was a lot more fun than I thought it would be”.


As a photographer, you can’t just say “be yourself!”, you have to bring the subject to that state without them even being aware of it.

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